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Dec. 13th, 2011

Lots of Kevin news this week. Seems the man is making up for lost time with his disappearance from the public eye. lol

Gossipology exclusive: Exclusive: Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson Talks About Cousin Brian Littrell And His Holiday Traditions

It can be difficult for anyone during the holidays to travel to see both sides of their family. Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys shared this common trouble recently and even mentioned how the flying from location to location hasn't really changed since growing up.

"In my family on Christmas Eve, we would go to my grandparents on my mother's side. And then on Christmas day we would go to my other grandparent's house. In both of those instances we would have a big dinner and then we would open presents. All my cousins would be there. That's what we did every year, so since I've moved away from home, every year--I think I've missed only one year--I've flown back or traveled back to Kentucky with my family. We, my wife and I, have a son now. This year we are actually going to spend Christmas--he's four now--here at our home in California. Then we're going to go see my family in Kentucky. [Laughs] So we can establish our own little Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tradition as our own little family."

Kevin may not see cousin Brian Littrell as much anymore during the season because of their growing families, but Kevin is excited to start his own traditions now with his 4 year old son and wife Kristin too."Basically since I've been married since 2000, my wife and I--we would alternate. Now she's from Kansas City and I'm from Kentucky so we would go to Kansas City, around like the 18th and we would stay until the 25th. Then we would fly to Kentucky right after that and stay from the 26th to New Years. And we would rotate who's home we would go to first every year. So one year we would be with my family at Christmas and the next year we would be with her family on Christmas and vice versa. So this is the first year that we're not doing that, but during those times we would see Brian as well. But now he has his own family so they've kind of been doing their own tradition on Christmas and then doing the after Christmas, New Years thing with his friends. So its challenging. You have those traditions that you establish when you're young with your parents and then when you get older and start your own family, you have to find a way to incorporate those old traditions and at the same time start your own, new tradition with your own little family."

For nostalgic sake, check out this Christmas song from BSB. They may fly in different directions during the holidays, but at least they can all play their song during their individual parties. [Alright, that's lame. We'll just do that for them.] [video embedded at link]

Also, Kevin's headlining a holiday benefit concert on Dec. 18th! The "Home For The Holidays" concert will help raise funds for the Angeles Clinic Foundation. Check it out...