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Going Back | Moving Ahead

So, here is a before and after pic. The site I got it from even comments that it's one of those cases where the person looked much better BEFORE the surgery.

Oh, and I forgot to post this pic of 98 Degrees earlier. I have two of their cds, and I enjoyed their music but was never a huge fan. Maybe because Nick Lachey looks a lot like an ex-boyfriend of mine from the neck up. But yowza. I am the fire that needs put out.

And here is the substance. I posted this on my own LJ a few days ago...I'm sure most of you aren't friends of mine on here, and after the way I've run this community today, you probably never will be! LOL Trust me, it could have been worse...I could have FORCED you to read my fanfic! ;) Oh, and on a side note? I recently found the watch I bought years ago that digitally plays the Bye Bye Bye video and shows a brief digital shot of one of the guys in NSYNC on the minute. :)

If I had a BSB icon, I'd use it right now.

As a birthday splurge, I got the BSB Greatest Hits video dvd. I never owned it. And I'm glad I waited until now to get it. It means so much more, since I don't have a lot of the video stuff I used to.

Sitting there watching the videos, especially the concert montage video for "The One," I was really taken back. It shocks me when I realize it was over ten years ago that I got into the boyband thing. For me, it all really started with BSB. My first smutty fanfic was a threesome story with a girl, Jordan Knight and AJ, before I really knew anything about AJ. And then I fell in love with Nick. :) I ended up writing mostly about *NSYNC, but for me, it all started with the Backstreet Boys.

I know that my part of why my marriage fell apart was due to my boyband addiction...yet I can't really see those days as a bad thing. I loved the adoration when I wrote good fanfic. I loved the way I'd sit on the phone with friends, or in person, if possible, and swoon over different things in a video or performance. "AJ's wearing a sheer shirt!" "OMG look at Kevin's abs!" "JC LICKED THE STAGE!"

I've seen BSB seven times, if you include the DC post-9/11 concert and the NKOTBSB show. I've seen *NSYNC six times, including the DC post-9/11 concert. I've seen Justin Timberlake once. I loved every show, and any time any of them are near here, I will go.

I know many people think that if you love boybands, you're childish. I don't see that. What's the difference between this and loving sports teams, or anime, or a special TV show? I guess a lot of people don't understand throwing 100% of yourself into support of something. It's funny, though, the same people who make fun of me for loving *NSYNC are the ones who made sure to say, "I heard/read online that JC from *NSYNC says they will NEVER get back together," or pass along other tidbits of information.

I don't know where I'm going with this ramble, except to say I miss them. I miss the way Kevin took three hours to get out one sentence in an interview. I miss AJ's sexy thrusts. I miss Howie's incessant winking. I miss Brian's sweet smile (Brother Brian - you cute thing). I miss Nicky's cluelessness when he was young, and clumsy sexiness as he got older. I miss Chris' zany antics. I miss Joey's silly tee shirts. I miss Justin's boyish charm - while I still love him, I think he was much more attractive when he was 18-20 yrs old. I miss the way JC morphed into this sexy vague enigma of a man (during the "Pop" video shoot is when I noticed it). And, of course, I miss Lance in general. ESPECIALLY pre-nose job Lance, where he was still sweet and pink-cheeked yet totally Business!Lance. Not "I party all the time with gay male porn stars Lance." But that's just my opinion - I have no clue if that's what he does now. :)