The Rebirth of Popslash

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As long as there'll be music, we'll be comin' back
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The rebirth of popslash fandom.
Welcome to cominbackagain! This community is our declaration that the popslash fandom is still around, and still sparkly! It's a celebration of all things popslash, from the glory days to the family days. We party like it's 1999 every day!

Posting Schedule

Mondays: Start your week off with some Squee!
Tuesdays: Challenge entries and fanon talk. Yes, Joey did call Justin juppy. What are YOU talking about? :D
Wednesdays: Popworld News!
Thursdays: Musical discussion and sharing.
Fridays: K-Pop Fridays! yeeeeaaahh
Saturdays: Guest posters!
Sunday: OT day. Squee about whatever you like.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Every Saturday we open up the community to guest posters--all of you! At the beginning of each month a sign-up entry will be posted, so post a comment and claim a Saturday! You will be granted posting access to the community for a 24 hour period. You must be a member of the community to be a guest poster. Wondering what to post? As long as it's popslash, pretty much anything goes! Still wondering? Here are some suggestions:

-Concert reviews
-Your own fannish work (fic, art, self-recs are cool too!)
-Picspam, videos, downloads, etc.
-Meta questions
-Anything else!

Challenge Guidelines

Challenges will be posted on the first day of each month. The challenge prompt may be a picture, a video, a quote, song lyrics, or anything else; your job, should you choose to accept it, is to turn the prompt into something sparkly! Entries must be submitted to cominbackagain_links@yahoo.com by the first day of the following month, and will be revealed anonymously throughout that month. At the end of the month community members will vote for a winner. Challenge winners will receive a shiny new personalized banner, featuring the SDB of their choice!

All questions, comments and suggestions should be posted here.

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